what can drug rehab facilities offer in terms of recovery?

What Facilities do Drug Rehab Clinics Offer?

What Facilities do Drug Rehab Clinics Offer?

Drug rehab clinics are finding themselves in ever-increasing demand, so much so that the Australian government are now considering their options as far as funding new centres is concerned. For the majority of people, these types of facilities will specialise in treating drug addicts from all walks of life. From those suffering with minor dependencies, right through to those that have been diagnosed as being dependent on potentially fatal narcotics – these centres are responsible for treating a range of cases.

But what do they offer exactly and why is it that with so many around; the majority will rely on the same types of functions and facilities to treat their patients? In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the most commonly-found solutions present within drug rehabilitation centres and why they are so beneficial to addicts and sufferers.


This is by far one of the most popular types of feature within a rehab centre and the facilities used to detoxify a patient can range from chemical formulas, right through to out-patient options. The purposes of detoxifying is to ensure that a person’s body is able to remove the unwanted and harmful toxins from their blood stream, whilst making sure that side effects are minimised.


Therapy is one of the staple requirements of a rehab clinic and the majority will make a point of employing at least a few licensed and qualified psychotherapists. These experts can help with individual recovery, but they are also ideal for being present during group meetings. Studies have shown that addicts that undergo therapy during their rehabilitation course will be several times more likely to recover and stay sober well into the future.

Year Deaths
1999 418
2002 882
2005 1305
2008 1748
2011 1795
2014 1741


Medically-Assisted Treatment

Most addicts will be suffering with some sort of dependency – be it mental, or physical. For those that are facing the latter event, they may find that an immediate halt in consumption can have severely adverse effects on their body. This is why clinics will introduce medically assisted treatment options for those in need of them. This could be via a weaning program, or by introducing a substitute formula to help with overcoming a dependency.

12 Step Programs

Whether the individual is suffering with alcohol addiction or drug dependency, most clinics will feature their own take on the tried and tested 12 step program. These systems were originally introduced to help addicts to combat their dependencies on all fronts and after seeing how beneficial they were, many clinics started to feature them prominently.

These are just a few of the most popular facilities and treatment options found within the majority of clinics and depending on the severity of the addiction, different measures might be introduced in favour of those mentioned above

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